COUNSELING SERVICES: Adolescent and Adult Therapy

For teenagers and adults, I draw from cognitive behavior therapy, family systems, and multi-modal therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, has evolved since the 1960s to become one of the most effective and well-researched forms of therapy. Rather than dwelling on the past, CBT is present-oriented and short-term, focusing on the relationships between the individual’s thinking, feeling, and behaving. By examining and challenging faulty thinking patterns, the individual is taught to replace them with thought patterns that promote more adaptive feelings and behaviors. This approach can be extremely helpful with anxiety, depression, and a variety of self-defeating behaviors.

A family systems approach is based on the premise that families maintain a homeostasis, and any change in one family member can reverberate through the system to affect other family members. In addition, this perspective allows individuals to non-critically examine family-of-origin patterns to determine how they may be influencing current behaviors. Therapy based on a family systems approach sheds light on these natural processes, facilitating the entire family’s adjustment to challenges as well as natural life transitions.

A multi-modal approach takes into account all major life areas: work/academic, interpersonal, health, and spiritual to achieve optimum functioning. Areas of strength can be drawn on to bolster areas of weakness. Depending on the individual’s learning style and interest, I make use of different modalities such as art, music, internet, and books.

With client permission, I attempt to communicate with all relevant parties while honoring confidentiality, sometimes including significant others in sessions. Therapeutic change can be hard work, and I view my role as a combination of model, catalyst, consultant, and coach. website created by Skipjack Web Services