I work with children aged 3 and older. For preschoolers, I employ a behavioral approach with a major parent component. Parent-focused therapy provides parents with support and skills to more successfully handle parenting challenges. Sessions may be aimed at enhancing co-parenting, developing techniques for handling difficult behaviors, and/or understanding age-appropriate behaviors. Parent-focused sessions also can assist parents in meeting the family’s needs during significant transitions, such as divorce, relocation, loss of a loved one, and adjustment to the different stages of parenthood.

With elementary-aged children, after the parent intake I meet with the child for 2-3 sessions to establish rapport and observe the child’s coping patterns. With parent permission, I gather input from teachers and other professionals working with the child. After this preliminary assessment, I meet with the parents to collaborate on treatment goals. Based on the goals we agree upon, therapy sessions may involve self-esteem building techniques; cognitive-behavioral strategies for anxiety, anger management and depression; play; social skills training; and/or tools to improve self-control. I often find that children bond with me and speak more readily when I join them in play, artwork, and topics of personal interest to them. Parents may be asked to monitor completion of homework assignments between sessions or attempt an alternative parenting strategy. Parent sessions are held every 6-8 weeks so we can update each other and be assured that we’re working towards the same goals. In general, I ask that the right to privacy be granted to your child. Any specifics that are important for you to know, I will encourage your child to discuss with you, with my help if necessary. website created by webwithease