Parent Intake

During the preliminary one-hour meeting with parents, I gather information about your child’s behavioral, medical, and academic history; family health and circumstances impacting your child; and what you hope to gain from the assessment process. It is very helpful if you can provide prior report cards, teacher summaries, and any prior evaluations.

Typical areas of testing:

Cognitive processes such as memory, auditory and visual processing
Attention skills
Executive functioning
Visual-motor integration
Achievement testing (reading, writing, math)
Social-emotional functioning

If concerns arise regarding any particular area, more in-depth testing will be conducted in that area. Total time is generally 6-8 hours, split across several sessions as needed.

School Testing

Sometimes public school systems will provide testing free of charge if the child is one year or more below grade level. The school system requires approximately three months to complete testing and they may not cover all of the areas listed above. Please contact the school principal prior to scheduling an appointment with me if you wish to investigate this option.

Interpretive Conference

The final meeting takes place within a week or two after the testing is completed. I meet with the parents alone to provide a verbal report of the test data, interpretation, and recommendations and you will receive a copy of the written report. We will discuss all of these components in detail and I welcome your questions.

For high school students, I believe it is crucial for them to have a clear understanding of their learning style and what they can do to take responsibility for their learning. High school students can attend the parent meeting or they can hear the test results in a separate meeting. My goal is to make it a positive experience that empowers them.

This information is confidential and the written report is your property alone. I will send results to your child’s school, pediatrician, tutor, or other appropriate person only with your written permission.


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